Before You Build

Your Home from Start 2 Finish

  1. Site visit and project discussion. Planning application is granted. Detailed Quote accepted and contract signed. .
  2. Prepare draft engineering drawings.
  3. Prepare detailed construction drawings, structural calculations, design of foundations and floor slab and Building Regulations details.
  4. Preparation of foundations, floor slab and other on-site pre-delivery activities.
  5. On-site construction of your new home commences.
  6. All interior and exterior work completed.
  7. Customers take delivery of their new home.

All Ecohaus properties benefit from a 10 year structural warranty.


Pre-Build Specification Enables Fixed Contract Sum

Customised Service Packages

By choosing the requested services ECOHAUS customers can select between two different service packages, weather-tight SHELL and TURNKEY.

You can decide what should be done by ECOHAUS and what you would like to achieve by personal contribution.

Turnkey Shell


Close Panel, Solid Mass Wall (CP,SMW) external walls (in storeys) with sound and thermal insulation,  CP,SMW internal walls with sound and thermal insulation  
Accessible ceiling
Front entrance door, windows and French doors installed
Soffit and Fascia in a selected colour in UPVC installed
Complete roofing and rainwater goods
Temporary Staircase     •
Electrical Installation  
On site plumbing  
Fresh air ventilation system with heat recovery  
Preliminary plumbing installation  
Plasterboard mounted on walls and ceiling  
Roof with sound and thermal insulation  
Vertical walls in a converted top floor space  
Painting - 2 coats internal  
Internal doors  
Flooring- Selection of wood, tile, carpet  
Sanitary ware in bathroom/shower room/downstairs cloakroom  
Tiling in bathroom/shower room/downstairs cloakroom  

• This symbol indicates the services provided.



This is often chosen for customers wishing to have a full "do-it yourself" involvement for the internal fit out.


ECOHAUS 60-100kw Build

With the right construction partner, building your ultimate dream home can quickly and easily become a reality. With our specialist in-house design and construction teams, we are able to turn your unique style and your budget into a home which you will love.

Each new home is produced in a state of the art factory and through this specialist process we are able to build properties which enjoy exceptional air tightness and therefore benefit from extremely low levels of energy loss. Our standard build far exceeds UK regulations for insulation and energy efficiency which are currently 220kw/m2/Annum in the UK.

Whether your dream home is large, modern and contemporary or a small country cottage, ECOHAUS can build it for you. With integrated environmentally friendly and energy saving technologies in every home together with the high levels of air tightness and insulation, exorbitant energy bills will be a thing of the past. So let your imagination be our guide to help ECOHAUS make your dream home a reality.

ECOHAUS 15kw Build

Each home is uniquely designed to your specific requirements and fixed contract price. Watch our Video

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