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ECOHAUS build houses OUR CUSTOMERS want, we realise that all of our customers are different people with different ideas of how they want to live therefore we never build the same house twice.

Initially there are several questions that will arise as soon as you start to think about building your own home.

  • What kind of house do I really want to live in?
  • How should the house be designed to suit my family now and in the future?
  • Will my dream home be well received by the local planning department?
  • Will my budget match my ideas?


In association with our architecture and design team we have prepared a DESIGN PORTFOLIO describing the design procedure.

Downloadable PDF  


ECOHAUS always aim to deliver the house that YOU really want and ECOHAUS are able to help you at every stage of the process. We will take your ideas and transform them into the highest technical design.

The following designs are meant as EXAMPLES only, to outline the variations in styles, living space and design features.




Each home is uniquely designed to your specific requirements and fixed contract price. Watch our Video

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