Other Cost Considerations

BEFORE GETTING STARTED: What other costs should be considered?

Building your own house is for most, a once in a lifetime event. Hardly surprising that the majority of people have little or no directly relevant experience on which to draw to help them make the right decisions or take the right steps at the right time.

The first time around most people will see the granting of planning permission as being the point at which their involvement switches to finances and choosing the finishes, fixtures and fittings whilst the rest of the work is taken on by the builder.

Whilst this is fine for the construction of the house itself, the reality is that there are a whole series of other activities on which the house construction is dependent. These need to be undertaken at the right time and in many cases, the right sequence.

You can get a reasonable idea of how much time and consideration these activities might take, based on how much of the overall project cost they account for.

Typical cost breakdown for a Turnkey Project

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