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ECOHAUS pride themselves on being a “one-stop-shop,” providing the customer with a Full Turn-Key Design and Build, Fixed Price Quotation which includes all Planning, Demolition, Groundworks, House Build, Internal Fit-out and Landscaping.

ECOHAUS use a British Timber Manufacturer to produce the shell of the house using FSC certified timber. In this controlled environment, our customers are assured of the best quality available. ECOHAUS use a closed panel system that has a U-Value as low as 0.12, couple this with outstanding airtight properties and an efficient Heat Recovery system, all of our customers are well on the way to a true ECOHAUS.

ECOHAUS utilise their own retained contractors. They are able to work to the exacting standards set by their customers, where attention to detail is paramount. This comes in, on-time and on-budget.

Due to the nature of the company, the customer is given full flexibility of the quality of the internal fit-out, if they require a certain supplier for an item, this can easily be included.

Each home is uniquely designed to your specific requirements and fixed contract price. Watch our Video

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Please feel free to call us and arrange a FREE, no obligation, on-site consultation with our specialist.

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