Planning Applications


Most new buildings or major changes to existing buildings or to the local environment need consent - known as planning permission. Without a planning system everyone could construct buildings or use land in any way they wanted, no matter what effect this would have on other people who live and work in their area.

Your local planning authority is responsible for deciding whether a development - anything from an extension on a house to a new shopping centre - should go ahead. At ECOHAUS we help you right through out the full planning process and work with your local authority to get a fair and prompt outcome.

We promote solutions that will enhance future communities and to create buildings that promote environmental integrity. We can offer a range of services, design and management which is a individually tailored services to meet the requirements and aspirations of our customers.

  • Pre-Planning

  • Planning

  • Building Regulations

  • Construction/Technical Services

  • Engineering Drawings

  • Client Representation


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